Using ARC Genesis

Anthem Genesis is the most advanced room correction software available. Below is a complete user guide and recommendations from the Anthem team to ensure you get the best possible results of your measurements.

Install ARC Genesis

  1. Download and install the program.
  2. Connect your computer to the same network as your ARC or PBK compatible audio device, or attach your computer and audio device using a USB cable.
  3. Start ARC Genesis. Select Auto mode and click Okay (only displays the first time ARC is run).
  4. Choose Launch ARC.
  5. Choose your audio device.
  6. Configure measurements (tell ARC about your audio system).
  7. Choose your microphone and measure your system.
  8. Upload your corrections and hear the difference ARC makes.

Taking Measurements with ARC Genesis

Proper microphone positioning is essential for good results. Multiple microphone positions are required to prevent standing waves or boundaries from skewing results. To achieve the best results with ARC Genesis, follow these simple rules.

Other Considerations When Taking Measurements with ARC Genesis

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes!

Dealing With Subwoofers That Have Built-in Equalization or Room Correction

We’ve often heard, “Equalization is available for my subwoofer. Should I use the sub’s built-in EQ when I am also using a receiver to correct the sub as part of a multi-channel system?” Since rooms and correction systems vary, the answer varies. If using MartinLogan or Paradigm subwoofers (with ARC or PBK built-in), results are often better with the subwoofer’s correction system is run before correcting the entire system. If the sub’s EQ is not ARC or PBK based, it is usually best to disable the subwoofer’s EQ before running ARC. When using ARC Genesis to correct the entire system with your Anthem receiver or preamp, if the resulting target curves and calculated curves in the room correction software resemble each other, there is typically no reason to use the sub’s EQ. If the two curves differ significantly through a wide range (meaning the room correction software was not able to make the subwoofer fully match the target curve), enable the sub’s EQ and rerun ARC to see if it helps.

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